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A 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper learns being smarter no longer helps him grow up in Texas. Sheldon tries to make his first buddy with the means of following strategies in a self-help book. Connie has persevered her romantic relationship with Dr. Sturgis, the physicist, and is on a dinner date with him when a moderate bother arises. Connie receives a cellular telephone title and is amazed to hear from Ira, the man she once referred to as one of her many boyfriends and the furnishings King. Connie is a carefree bachelor, so when Ira asks to have dinner with Connie.

She tells Mary about the relationship with each guy at the same time, and Mary is concerned. Connie shrugs off the venture and truly lives up to the previous questioning of being an independent woman. Things go a little sideways during her date with Ira, though, who is so excited to see her. Ira wishes to take their relationship to the next step and would love to plan a weekend out to New York with her. Connie panics and in the provide up has to admit that she is seeing some specific man

Release Date25 September 2017
Running time18-21mins
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