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Awake ” to all feathers of chaos, as humanity descends into madness with every waking second in just a sprinkle of days. In “ Awake,” Rodriguez performs Jill with similar forceful fidelity that when her internal fitness declines, the exchange is drastic. Her body language shifts from that of a movement idol and battle guiding to any man or woman close to death, entire with hazy, unfocused regard, heavy branches, and unfit to keep herself up. The character’s relationship with her son Noah begins on a simulated expression still subtly. It regularly shifts at some point of the movie, giving Hoyos the pitfall to play each a temperamental teen resentful of his absentee ma and one lowered by using tragedy.

Release Date9 June 2021
Running time1h 36mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Awake (2021) Subtitles