Finding Nemo (2003) English subtitles download

It is an adventure of little Nemo, a clownfish born with a small fin and an outsized curiosity. His father, Marlin, worries obsessively over him, due to the reality Nemo is each he has left Nemo’s ma and all of her other eggs had been lost to barracuda. Marlin warns him to do to be with the type and save down from the risks of the drop-off to deep water. Still, Nemo forgets and ends up as a locked-in the tar-water henhouse of a dentist in Sydney. Marlin swims off bravely to come across his lacking boy, backed with the aid of Dory, a blue tang with excellent eyes, which he meets alongside the way.

Release Date30 May 2003
Running time1h 40mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Finding Nemo (2003) Subtitles