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A high school young lady is raised by a robot intended to repopulate Earth. Their bond is tried when an outsider shows up with disturbing news. Does she follow the way she’d been prepped for since birth? That is completely surrendered to translation. As the film closes on the young lady’s face, she glances in on Earth’s future human populace. This equivocal closure may give them numerous with a negative impression, taking this last story wind as an enemy of early termination message of sorts. Yet, when making a stride back, maybe I Am Mother is, in the same way as other sci-fi films before it, notify us of the risks that accompany our developing reliance on innovation while guaranteeing us of human instinct’s suffering drive to endure – and flourish.

Release Date7 June 2019 (Australia)
Running time113minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
I Am Mother (2019) Subtitles