I Carry You With Me (2020) English subtitles download

After Iván, an aspiring chef and younger father, meet Gerardo at a clandestine gay bar in provincial Mexico. They fall deeply in love. When their secret relationship is discovered with the resource of Iván’s family, he makes the volatile desire to go the border to strive for his success in the United States, promising each his youthful son and his soulmate Gerardo that he will return. Alone in New York City and confronted with the daunting challenges of a newly arrived immigrant, Iván’s resolution fees him more than he ever imagined. However, the discovery of their romance reasons conflict, and he is recommended he can no longer see his son. In despair, Iván makes the exhausting resolution to go the border to develop his culinary career, promising his son and newfound love he will return.

Release Date30 October 2020
Running time1h 51mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
I Carry You With Me (2020) Subtitles