No Ordinary Love (2019) English subtitles download

This captivating Christian movie tells the story of Elizabeth, a preacher’s spouse, attempting to assist a stricken girl in her congregation. Deena Davis plays Tanya, a committed wife and mother abused through her police officer husband, Derrick. Her daughter Faith is beginning to pick up on the abuse, and it’s fear for her security that pushes Tanya to search for assist from Elizabeth. In one harrowing scene, Faith enjoys dolls with her pal and uses the Ken doll to beat up the Barbie.

At the same time, her mom watches from the hallway.No Ordinary Love is an indictment of the more than a few male behaviors that have rationalized the way of a conservative Christian society that refuses to view women as independent human beings. The ending of the film reminds us of the women whose voices and bodies have snuffed out in prefer of a patriarchal interpretation of life and spirituality

Release Date19 May 2019
Running time1h 32mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
No Ordinary Love (2019) Subtitles