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A poor village in Japan was regularly looted by armed bandits in the sixteenth century, resulting in the loss of their rice crop. Grandpa, the village patriarch, urges the villagers to employ a Ronin to protect their village. Four farmers travel to the town in search of potential protectors, but they can only provide the samurai with three meals of rice a day and lodging. They hire the warm-hearted veteran Kambei Shimada, who tells them that they will need six more samurai to defend their lands. Kambei gathers the necessary five samurai, as well as the brave jester Kikuchiyo, and sets out for the village. Following a tense welcome, Kambei devises a defensive plan, and the samurai begin training the farmers to protect their lands and families in preparation for the war.

Release Date26 April 1954
Running time207minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Seven Samurai (1954) Subtitles