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Subsequent to taking off from Earth, the hand-picked, profoundly prepared group of space travelers – Commander Marina Barnett, scholar David Kim, and clinical specialist Zoe Levenson- – leaves on a two-year logical mission to far off Planet Mars. Nonetheless, in their endeavor to make the heavenly body livable and track down a potential new home for mankind, the group isn’t the only one. Presently, with the trip beyond the basic final turning point and the fuel and oxygen assets exhausting, Marina makes a stunning revelation: the covered-up, oblivious, and injured fourth traveler, Michael Adams. Abruptly, having sufficient oxygen to inhale turns into the main need, and keeping in mind that confronted with a horrifying moral quandary, somebody needs to pass on. The inquiry is, who?

Release DateApril 22, 2021
Running time116minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Stowaway (2021) Subtitles