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An enterprising juvenile American is looking out for an experience off the overwhelmed route in Thailand. He has introduced a mystification chart to a tropical paradise of the seaside. He discovers dwellers of western sensualists led through the enchanting Sal. Richard is a far-flung twenty individuality American whose head is stuffed with an absurd measure of pop culture.

At the same time, traveling in Thailand to increase his firmaments and achieve some real-world experience. He meets Daffy, who offers Richard a mysterious chart beforehand. Putatively, the chart leads to an idyllic isle, the place where the inhabitants stay in a herbal paradise. Richard convinces two, Francoise and Etienne, to trip with him and see if Daffy is as soon as right. Upon executing the isle, Richard discovers that it shows the dream that Daffy had promised.

Release Date2 February 2000
Running time1h 59mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
The Beach (2000) Subtitles