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After the unexpected breakdown of passage six in the Katka Mine of Canada’s Manitoba, killing eight diggers and leaving 26 additional unaccounted for, it tumbles to the prepared huge apparatus driver, Mike McCann, to convey an indispensable, 30-ton, 18-foot gas well-head and 300 feet of line up there in less than 30 hours. Made out of Mike’s aphasia-stricken sibling, Gurty, the veteran transporter, Jim Goldenrod, and Jim’s splendid ex-worker, Tantoo, the hand-picked group needs to overcome the components and travel across the flimsy ice street of a frozen lake in April that can break to pieces at any second. In any case, neither the ice breaking under their wheels nor the icy snowstorms can contrast and the difficulties that anticipate the drivers ahead. Could the drivers come to the mine on schedule?

Release DateJune 25, 2021
Running time108minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
The Ice Road (2021) Subtitles