The Lost Husband (2020) English subtitles download

The plot of The Lost Husband revolves around the existence and struggles of Leslie Bibb’s personality of Libby. Libby loses her husband to an accident and additionally loses her home quickly after. She then strikes in with her mother for six months earlier than getting an ultimatum from her mother, who is openly necessary of everyone. Libby has two youngsters and she decides to move to Texas in order to get a glowing start. Libby, alongside her children, Abby and Tank, strikes her Aunt Jean’s farm, who asks James to aid Libby to find out how to cope with the farm.

The two begin to bond over farming and one day by accident get themselves locked in the refrigerator, the place they have to continue to be overnight. Later, in the day, James kisses Libby in front of her pals who have been letting her down and mocking her for how her existence has grown to end up out after her husband is handed away.

Release Date10 April 2020
Running time1h 49mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
The Lost Husband (2020) Subtitles