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Wyoming, the city of Big Bourbon, is full of average people seeking to lead quiet lives. Yeah, cowboys are trying to make a living. Sheriff “Little Bill” Daggett is trying to create a house and establish a heavy-handed order. The city prostitutes were just trying to get by. Then one of them was cut up by a few cowboys. The prostitutes put a bounty on the cowboys, unhappy with Bill’s justice. The bounty draws a young gun that bills itself as “The Schofield Kid” and William Munny, the aged murderer. For his young wife, Munny reformed, and raised crops and two kids in harmony. His wife, however, is dead. Farm life is complicated. And Munny’s no good at that, either. So he calls Ned Logan, his old mate, saddles his ornery nag, and rides off again to kill.

Release DateAugust 7, 1992 (United States)
Running time131 minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Unforgiven (1992) Subtitles