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At a young age, Ravikanth leaves his village and becomes a wealthy businessman in the city. Harsha, Ravikanth’s son, has no interest in money, and in his life, he always feels a gap. He falls in love with Charuseela, a like-minded girl, and she reciprocates his love. After learning that he hails from the same village, she separates herself from him but has done little to improve the village. Without telling his parents, Harsha leaves for the village and begins to build the village. As a challenge to their exploits, local leaders notice him and plan to get rid of him. Ravikanth knows about the whereabouts of Harsha and informs him the reason for leaving the village. Harsha is left with a decision to choose between the village and the family.

Release Date7 August 2015
Running time158minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Srimanthudu (2015) Subtitles