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Andy Barber has been an associate lead prosecutor in his rural Massachusetts district for over twenty years. He is regarded locally, tireless in the court, and glad at home with his better half, Laurie, and child, Jacob. Yet, when stunning wrongdoing breaks their New England town, Andy is caught unaware by what occurs straightaway: His fourteen-year-old child is accused of the homicide of an individual understudy. Each parental sense Andy has mobilized to secure his kid. Jacob demands that he is blameless, and Andy trusts him. Andy must. He’s his dad. In any case, as cursing realities and stunning disclosures surface, as a marriage takes steps to disintegrate and the preliminary strengthens, as the emergency uncovers how minimal a dad thinks about his child, Andy will confront his very own preliminary – among unwaveringness and equity, among truth and charge, between a past, he’s attempted to cover and a future he can’t consider.

Release DateApril 24, 2020
Running time45-65minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Defending Jacob S01 (2020) Subtitles