Friends Season 9 (2002) Tv series – English subtitles download

The two-part season 9 finale discovered the gang take a day out to Barbados and closed with Joey and Rachel to give up giving in to their studies for every difference and sharing a kiss. Part-1 is Monica and Chandler’s meddling in Phoebe’s love actuality, and Mike’s coming again to recommend Phoebe. Part two is thru the equal foursome witching in a truly lengthy clunk-pong game.

While the season nine Buddies homestretch had its moments, the imperfect romantic action between Joey and Rachel used to be as soon as bottomless. It felt unnatural, forced, and genuinely simply wrong. The thoroughly excellent element ever to come out of the total Rachel and Joey debacle is the first occasion of season ten, “The One Where Ross is Fine,” one of the show’s most ridiculous circumstances.

Release Date26 September 2002
Running time22-23mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Friends Season 9 (2002) Subtitles