Vincenzo Season 1 (2021) Tv series- English subtitles download

Vincenzo could be a charming Korean drama, one that’s, in reality, the addition of 2 components. The primary affords a gritty, gangster-Esque adventure story, entire with close combat, shootouts, and tense stand-offs between characters. Vincenzo follows a South Korea-born mafia consigliere named Vincenzo who arrives in the national capital to urge a higher one. Five hundred gold stashed the Gemuga Plaza building that the corrupt business enterprise The Babel cluster has confiscated. He agencies up with a daring young law-breaking skilled named Han Cha-young, whose father The Babel cluster has dead.

Once an action-packed twenty episodes, Vincenzo’s season finale substances now not an extraordinary physique count, save for a definitive reply to its central question.

Release Date20 February 2021
Running time1h 20mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Vincenzo season-1 (2021) Subtitles