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Lead actor Vijay seeks luck in order to turn his life into something vastly different. His fortune has been the reason he has felt depressed since long. But as we go along in the movie we realize that a person’s ability to rewrite their destiny lies within them.

To begin with, Vijay Krishna, an engineer, substantially lacking any social skills whatsoever is considered a loser. The lack of luck just adds on to the pile. His father is the only person who sees right through him for how amazing he is. All these situations, kept aside, Vijay is a person with a highly remarkable set of intellugence. He is fishing for investors to invest in his project that emphasizes on helping people in road accidents. Committed to his girlfriend, Lahiri, he tells her that he refrains from drinking. Which is untrue, as he loves drinking with his friend Micheal. He also hides the fact that he works at a TV repair shop part-time and only mentions that he is working on a project.

Thus the story goes along as Vijay sets his foot on exploration.

Directed ByThirumala Kishore
Release Date12 Apr 2019 
Running Time 2hr 11min
File TypeSRT(Zip File)
Chitralahari (2019) Subtitles