Whale Rider (2003) English subtitles download

Koro is the chief of the Ngati Kanoahi lineage of Whangara. They live in a littoral fishing vill in New Zealand. Times are delicate for these humans who can slightly scratch out a living. Koro is exceptionally worried that Porourangi (Cliff Curtis) has no interest in turning into the posterior chief. Still, when his son’s mate turns pregnant, Koro starts to hope the joker he seeks to lead the mortal beings will be born. Unfortunately, the boy and his mama failed in labor. Still, a double family survives, and Porourangi names her Paikea after the lineage’s commemorated ancestor who’s stated to have arrived in their vill on the again of a Goliath after his canoe overturned. Koro is furious that his son has given the child this sacred title traditionally reserved for a mannish child; he shortens the title to”Pai.”The grieving Porourangi, an artist, decides to go to Europe and so he leaves his son with his parents.

Release Date30 January 2003
Running time1h 45mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
(2003) Subtitles