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Magnolia deals with the consequences of bodily and non-secular cancer on humans and families. Earl and Jimmy are troubled with both varieties of sickness. And, while our bodies have previously been untouched, they have been emotionally diseased for years. Like a reverse Midas touch, this malaise has spread to all and sundry close to them. Claudia is a drug abuser with no self-confidence. Frank hides behind a misogynist photograph he has created. Linda is suicidal. This imposing tapestry about the mysterious workings of fate and twist of uncertainty and the need for interconnection and love interweaves the stories of a dozen characters as they embark on a moral odyssey at some point of one excessive day in their tumultuous lives.

Release Date8 December 1999
Running time3h 8mins
File typeSRT (Zip file)
Magnolia (1999) Subtitles