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A piece of visual poetry in his career that elevates Bergman to a new level. The female figures form a relationship in this film where there is a spiritual and emotional bond that is recognized as one of this director’s most significant creations. This is a film with great psychological complexity between the contrasting images and dream light. It seems that Elisabeth Vogler has it all: she’s a famous actress, happily married and the mother of a small boy. One night, however, she is paralyzed in the middle of a presentation, during which she spends three months in the hospital without being determined by her illness. She spends her days in a summer house near the Baltic Sea after this time, where the nurse, Alma, assists her in her recovery. To change their lives, these two women form a powerful bond in which friendship and deception take place.

Release Date31 August 1966
Running time84minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Persona (1966) Subtitles