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Hidetori Ichimonji, the Japanese warlord, decides the time has come to retire and split his fiefdom among his three sons. Taro and Jiro, his eldest and middle sons, agree with his decision and pledge to support him for the remaining days of his life. The youngest sibling, Saburo, disagrees with all of them, arguing that the three brothers will remain together, with little possibility. Insulted by the brashness of his son, Insulted by the brashness of his son, a warlord banishes Saburo. He soon discovers, when the warlord begins his retirement, that his two eldest sons are greedy and do not wish to uphold their promises. This leads to war, and only the exiled Saburo can save him.

Release DateSeptember 18, 1985 (France)
Running time162 minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Ran (1985) Subtitles