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Danny is the captive of British kingpin Bart, Bart embraced Danny when he was a youngster and has transformed him into a canine and makes him wear a restraint around his neck. At the point when Bart eliminates the collar from Danny’s neck, Danny releases his deadly battling abilities and turns into an executing machine, when Bart orders Danny to assault the objectives. Subsequent to being injured in a mishap and Bart winds up in a state of unconsciousness, Danny is become a close acquaintance with by an American visually impaired piano turner named Sam and his high school stepdaughter Victoria and they invite him into their family. Sam and Victoria choose to show Danny the world and being human. At the point when Bart awakens from his extreme lethargies and he and his criminal need Danny back and constrains him to participate in an illicit gladiatorial battle club to bring in cash, Danny concludes he would not like to hurt individuals any longer and decides to ensure Sam and Victoria and battle for his opportunity.

Release Date2 February 2005 (France)
Running time102minutes
File typeSRT (zip file)
Unleashed (2005) Subtitles